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Racial Justice


Thousands upon thousands of community members have gathered together to grieve, show solidarity, and demand accountability and justice for police brutality. Their collective message is loud and clear: invest more in Black lives. The horrific murder of Black Americans exposes the harsh reality that racism continues to rob our Black communities of life, safety, health and prosperity.

Since the death of George Floyd, my office has received thousands of emails, phone calls, meeting requests, and letters calling for accountability, and for major policy and funding changes in how we approach public safety and how we invest in the health and well-being of Black, Indigenous and people of color in Portland.

The public has given us this historic opportunity to reimagine what policing and public safety look like in Portland and all across America. That’s why I’ve announced that I’m committing $12 million to Black and Brown communities, and why I'm sharing a list of significant reforms to local policing that I will be implementing and pursuing. I’m also directing all City bureaus in my portfolio to develop strategies to better serve Black communities.

The list of reforms I’ve introduced include financial, policy, and legislative actions.
See link to accessible PDF.

These actions are long overdue, but they are not enough to dismantle institutional racism. I will continue to work with urgency with my colleagues on City Council and across the region to partner with Black leaders in the community. I will continue to reimagine how our government can better serve everyone in our community.