City of Portland to Allocate $2M for 70-bed Behavioral Health Treatment Center in Central City

News Article
A project spearheaded by Central City Concern, the City of Portland joins regional partners in adding much-needed resources to the Substance Use Disorder Treatment Continuum

To urgently address Portland’s fentanyl crisis, Central City Concern (CCC), in close partnership with the City of Portland, has announced the acquisition of a new facility that will provide crucial behavioral health treatment services and transitional housing. This strategic collaboration marks a significant advancement in the city’s efforts to support individuals grappling with substance use disorders. The project will significantly bolster Portland’s treatment capacity by adding over 70 new beds to the behavioral health treatment continuum. 

This effort resulted in months of planning and coordination between Central City Concern, the City of Portland, and partners across the region, showing the power of partners working together to address urgent public health needs. The City of Portland plans to contribute $2 million toward the acquisition. This contribution underscores the City’s commitment to creating a more robust behavioral health infrastructure.  

“Central City Concern’s efforts in cooperation with my office and our regional partners reflect our shared resolve to tackle the challenges presented by the fentanyl crisis,” said Mayor Ted Wheeler. “This will help expand direly needed treatment resources here in Portland and will make a noticeable impact on our community.” 

The new center, slated to open in the fall, will offer a comprehensive range of services. These include a Residential Treatment Program for substance use disorders, offering both intensive treatment and step-down services, along with transitional housing facilities.  

Funding and support for the project has also been allocated by multiple regional partners including the State of Oregon through the Oregon Health Authority, Multnomah County, and CareOregon.