Summer of education, phased-in approach begins as Portland's new camping code ordinance takes effect

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Portland, Oregon cityscape

An update to Portland's camping code takes effect on July 7, 2023, 30 days after the Time/Place/Manner Ordinance was passed by City Council. The ordinance brings updates to Portland’s camping code regarding reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions. 

Click here for additional information on the ordinance, including a list of frequently asked questions. 

Enforcement will not begin immediately. The City of Portland will focus on a summer of education using a phased-in approach that focuses on outreach and connection to services. 

“While these reasonable restrictions are a significant policy shift, the ordinance will be implemented thoughtfully, and enforcement will not begin immediately,” said Mayor Ted Wheeler. “Over the next few months, we will be focused on education and outreach – ensuring all outreach teams, City employees, PPB staff, and others have clear and thorough information on this new ordinance.” 

The City will work with the Street Services Coordination Center, non-profit providers, the Joint Office of Homeless Services, and other partners to educate people about the change. Outreach teams will meet homeless Portlanders across the City to provide information and guidance on these changes. During this period, police have been instructed not to issue citations for violations of the ordinance. 

Campsite cleanups will not be changed or impacted by this ordinance. The Street Services Coordination Center continues to follow campsite removal guidelines. To view recent campsite cleanup reports, click here.  

Updates to the City Code include: 
  • No camping on public property from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.  

  • No use of gas heaters or fires.  

  • No tent can block access to private property or a business.  

  • No garbage or hazardous waste can be left behind.  

  • No tent can block access to pedestrian rights of way.   

  • Camps cannot cause damage to the surrounding environment, with a specific focus on natural areas (i.e., no digging, excavation of soil, alterations to ground, infrastructure, or cause damage to vegetation and trees).   

  • No camping within 250 feet of a school, childcare center, or City-run shelter site (including both Temporary Alternative Shelter Sites and Safe Rest Villages)   

  • No camping in City Parks.   

Focused enforcement will begin in the coming months: 

Note: The City will make a formal announcement once enforcement begins.

  • Rules will be enforced with written warnings before someone is subject to criminal enforcement.   

  • If a person has been offered alternative access to shelter or housing, and they decline to use those alternatives, then they are prohibited from camping anywhere in the City because they have an alternative place to go. If a person does not have alternative access to shelter or housing because it is not available, then the person may camp if they follow the new regulations implemented by the City.   

  • Those who do not adhere to the new rules will receive two written warnings (and information on the updated rules).   

  • The third violation will be subject to criminal enforcement carrying potential fines or jail, though the DA's office will be focused on seeking alternative sentences, which the City fully supports.   

  • Enforcement of this ordinance is intended to be a tool to connect people with appropriate resources, while also addressing behavior that is damaging to our community.  

Please do not call 911 to report any suspected unsheltered camping violations. To report an unsanctioned campsite, please use the PDX Reporter system ( or call 311.   

Read the full ordinance here: HB 3115 Ordinance