Mayor Announces Formation of Regional Taskforce to Address Collective Impact of Taxes, Rates & Fees

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Mayor Wheeler has announced the formation of a taskforce to address the collective impact of taxes, rates, and fees on the Portland region. 

"We're working to 'hold the line' at the municipal level as business owners and residents across the city struggle to keep up with collective increases in government taxes, utility rates, and fees. Portlanders are paying a premium and they expect more from us. I am grateful for the tough conversations and partnership with my colleagues across the region as we seek to relieve some of the burden citizens are feeling," said Mayor Wheeler.

Over the summer, the taskforce will address the following three main objectives: 

  1. To better understand the overall cumulative impact of taxes, utility rates and fees to Portlanders.
  2. Share each organization’s plans for changes to taxes, utility rates and/or fees in the next three years.
  3. Discuss the possibility of sequencing and/or limiting the increase of taxes, utility rates and/or fees to reduce the financial burden to Portlanders?

The taskforce is planning to hold three meetings in total over this summer, with the first meeting occurring in mid-July.

Below is the latest list of taskforce members:

(Tentative – Subject to Change)

City of Portland

  • Ted Wheeler, Mayor (Convener)
  • Bobby Lee, Mayor’s Chief of Staff
  • Michael Jordan, Chief Administrative Officer

Multnomah County

  • Jessica Vega Pederson, Chair
  • Chris Fick, Chief of Staff to the Chair


  • Andy Shaw, Director of Government Affairs
  • Josh Harwood, Fiscal & Tax Policy Director

Port of Portland

  • Emerald Bogue, Director of Policy & Regional Affairs


  • Sam Desue, General Manager
  • JC Vannatta, Executive Director of Public Affairs

David Douglas School District:

  • Ken Richardson, Superintendent

Parkrose School District

  • Michael Lopes-Serrao, Superintendent

Centennial School District

  • Alberto Rosales, Superintendent (*TBA)

Portland Public Schools

  • Andrew Scott, Board Chair
  • Jonathan Garcia, Chief of Staff

Reynold School District

  • Frank Caropelo, Superintendent
  • Kaylie Jeffries, Executive Assistant