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Mayor Wheeler's statement on PPB internal affairs investigation

News Article

In late September of 2021, while reviewing documents for a lawsuit against the City of Portland related to the 2020 protests, an unauthorized slide was discovered at the end of a PowerPoint presentation for training law enforcement.

An Internal Affairs investigation was launched as soon as this surfaced. To help protect the integrity of the initial phase of the ongoing PPB Internal Affairs investigation, this document was not previously released. 

Summation of Events:

• At this time, it remains unclear who added the final slide, when this slide was added to the training material, or if it was used during a Portland Police training.

• Portland Police are required to report misconduct to their supervisor as soon as practical.

• The Internal Affairs investigation began immediately upon discovering the content in September 2021.

• Due to his role in the disciplinary process for police officers, Mayor Wheeler is unable to comment further on this case or the investigation until the process is complete.

Statement from Mayor Ted Wheeler:

“I am disgusted that this offensive content was added to a training presentation for our police officers. As soon as I was made aware of the incident, I reached out to Chief Lovell, who shared my deep concern and assured me that a thorough and complete investigation was underway.

That investigation began in September of 2021 and is still ongoing. I believe that the hard-working members of the Portland Police Bureau who are seeing this for the first time are also angered and disgusted by the image and words on this slide and how it portrays members of our community and law enforcement.

The Portland Police Bureau must reject the harmful and divisive attitude expressed in that slide. As Police Commissioner, I am not able to comment any further on this case or the investigation until the investigation and any subsequent disciplinary process is complete.”