City Council unanimously adopts FY 2021-22 Fall Supplemental Budget

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City Council on Wednesday voted unanimously to adopt the FY 2021-22 Fall Supplemental Budget.

With a historic and unexpected surplus of $62 million, Mayor Wheeler proposed to invest funds in urgent needs across the City: $18 million to help address the houselessness crisis in partnership with Multnomah County Chair Deborah Kafoury and Commissioner Dan Ryan, $7 million to help enhance public safety and response, and $2 million to help support shared economic prosperity. 

“This is an action-oriented budget, built to help address Portlander’s greatest concerns. It’s a big budget—$62M—that required even bigger collaboration between City Hall Commissioners, County Partners, Bureaus, and community members. Portland leadership working together at this level shows how serious we are about these investments," said Mayor Wheeler.

Over the past two weeks, the Mayor’s office met virtually with over 500 Portlanders. Council had the opportunity to hear from 279 Portlanders who signed up to testify during Wednesday’s council session and another 521 Portlanders provided online testimony.

You can find more information about the budget on the City Council website. A breakdown is also available on each of the Mayor's priority areas: HouselessnessPublic Safety, Livability and Shared Economic Prosperity.

A copy of the Mayor’s prepared remarks are available here: