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Mayor Wheeler Police Reform Action Plan (June 9, 2020)

News Article
Mayor Ted Wheeler commits $12 million to black and brown communities, announces significant reforms to local policing

Systemic racism extends beyond police agencies – Mayor Wheeler directs all city bureaus in his portfolio to develop strategies to better serve black communities

  1. Redirect over $7 million from Police Bureau and $5 million from other City funds to communities of color
  2. Call on criminal justice system partners to match the City commitment and reinvest in communities of color
  3. Call for a community-led review and re-envisioning of core patrol services, convened by the Portland Committee on Community-Engaged Policing
  4. Hire a third party to review recruitment and retention strategies to ensure that the City’s workforce reflects the communities it serves
  5. Support outreach and non-law enforcement responses like the Portland Street Response pilot and the Navigation Team
  6. Advocate for greater access to community-based behavioral health and harm-reduction services located in communities of color
  7. Decline renewal of Intergovernmental Agreement with TriMet, dissolving the PPB Transit Division and putting transit officers back on patrol
  8. Dissolve Gun Violence Reduction Team and fundamentally re-shape our approach to reduce gun violence in collaboration with the Office of Youth Violence Prevention, District Attorney-elect, and other partners
  9. Remove police officers from schools, dissolving Youth Services Division and School Resource Officer program
  10. Immediately return Equity & Inclusion office to the Chief’s Office, with a direct report to the Chief of Police, and position that work alongside the Community Services Division
  11. Require explicit Council authorization for acquisition of military equipment, consistent with Executive Order 13688 issued by President Barack Obama in May 2015
  12. Create local legislation enshrining the Portland Committee on Community-Engaged Policing in Portland City Code, making it a permanent community oversight body
  13. Create local legislation for reforms to the use of consent searches in traffic stops
  14. Ban carotid constraints, including chokeholds, as methods of control, and direct Chief of Police to revise the use of force policy to reflect this change
  15. Create local racial profiling ban with private right of action for intentional discrimination by law enforcement
  16. Support Oregon Legislative People of Color Caucus call for a special session to take up urgently needed reform legislation
  17. Support Oregon Legislative People of Color Caucus in pursuit of legislation requiring Oregon Attorney General to investigate officer-involved deaths or serious injuries of civilians
  18. Support Oregon Legislative People of Color Caucus in pursuit of legislation ensuring integrity of local discipline actions by prohibiting arbitrators from overturning disciplinary decisions against officers if the law enforcement agency and arbitrator both agree that misconduct occurred
  19. Support reform of Federal qualified immunity doctrine