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Observing National Police Week

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This week is National Police Week, an observance that’s all about honoring and remembering those that have been lost in the line of duty across our great nation. But it also reminds me about those who continue to serve with honor here in our community, despite knowing the risks inherent to the job. I say that knowing that what members of the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) do is much more than a job; it is a calling, a true calling. 

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Unfortunately, PPB is among the agencies who know and have felt the pain, sorrow and devastation of losing colleagues in the line of duty.

We honor their contributions.

We remember their service. Not just this week, but each day of the year.

They are not forgotten, and neither are their families, friends and members of the bureau who continue to mourn their loss.

This year, it is even more poignant that I acknowledge the commitment and service of all within the PPB. Their continued and steadfast effort to improve public safety in Portland is both commendable and recognized during this pandemic when even more safety risks exist.

Please join me in appreciating, recognizing and supporting all that PPB members do each and every day to make our community a safer place.

To all members of the PPB, thank you!