#PDXThanksYou …. From the bottom of our hearts!

Blog Post
Mayor Wheeler hitting a pot with a plastic spoon on a balcony.

It was March 27th when I took to social media using the #PDXThanksYou hashtag, asking our community to play tribute daily to the heroes working on the front lines of this pandemic. So many people have been working hard every single day so that our lives can continue moving forward despite the massive worldwide shutdown to fend off the COVID-19 virus, and we can’t begin to thank them enough. I was humbled to see the nightly cheer get louder and louder every night. So, please continue to step out on your balcony or front porch at 7 pm and make some noise for a minute or two to honor and boost the morale of those front line workers such as doctors, nurses, first responders, grocery store workers and delivery drivers, to name a few. Let out a big cheer, bang on pots or pans, play an instrument. It all works! Let’s continue to let them know how much they are appreciated and valued. History will look back at this moment and see a community rising together and supporting each other in ways that seemed unimaginable even just a month ago. And it doesn’t stop here. My office is working on a special high-level tribute to front line workers that I’ll tell you more about as it draws closer.