The Holladay Park Safety Plan: Safety in Community

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Graph comparing total weekly PPB service calls to Holladay Park for 2018 and 2019

I’m happy to share the fact that the Holladay Park Safety Plan has demonstrated meaningful results. The Portland Police Bureau (PPB) has observed a significant decrease in crime in and around Holladay Park. Statistics compiled by PPB’s Strategic Services Division have shown that calls received regarding Holladay Park have decreased significantly. This indicates that the Holladay Park Safety Plan has achieved its goal, which was to decrease crime around that area.

The data shows that calls for service have seen a 50% decrease in assaults, an 18% decrease in disturbances and a 45% decrease in thefts from May 5 through July 22 of this year compared to the same period in 2018. Community partners have been an instrumental part of this process to achieve these results. You can view the full results here.

As commissioner of PPB, I strongly believe it is important for community members to feel safe in public spaces so that we can all enjoy the benefits of Portland’s parks. PPB has worked tirelessly to reduce incidents in this area, and I am proud of the Police Bureau for achieving its goals to increase community safety and improve relationships with the community. Some of the organizations who were instrumental in the creation of this plan include the Vancouver Avenue First Baptist Church, SOLVE, Portland Parks and Recreation, Multnomah County District Attorney's Office, Rosewood Initiative, Portland OIC, Portland Public Schools, Transit Police Division, Bonneville Power Administration, Federal Protective Services, Portland Police Bureau, Providence Health Care, Connected, Church of Scientology, Portland 5 and Lloyd EcoDistrict.