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Funding Future Connect Scholarships and a 21st Century Policing Initiative.

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Mayor Wheeler Introduces Two Notable Items in City Council Today

This week’s agenda includes funding for scholarships and a 21st Century Policing Initiative.

Portland, OR– Two notable items are coming to City Council today, as introduced by Mayor Wheeler’s Office. A brief description of each is below.

Future Connect Scholarship Program - Item 912

  • This ordinance will authorize an intergovernmental agreement with Portland Community College and a grant agreement with the Portland Community College Foundation for $577,204 for the Future Connect Scholarship Program, which serves students who identify as first-generation or low-income.
  • PCC Future Connect provides tuition assistance and wrap-around student services designed to eliminate barriers to entering community college and help ensure success in obtaining a college degree or transferring to a 4-year college/university.

Smart Policing Initiative – Item 919

  • This ordinance will amend an intergovernmental agreement with Portland State University in an amount not to exceed $50,000 for research and services provided by PSU under the FY 14 Smart Policing Initiative grant program for the study of the Neighborhood Involvement Locations program.
  • The Smart Policing Initiative is supported by the Office of Justice Programs and seeks to broaden the knowledge of effective evidence-based policing strategies.
  • The PPB Smart Policing Initiative site, along with PSU, conducted four separate large-scale community outreach endeavors, as well as initial large-scale community and police officer surveys and police officer focus groups. Each of these endeavors resulted in an increased understanding in potential strengths and weakness of differing community engagement strategies.
  • PPB then conducted five specific community focused surveys to better understand the current public safety needs and issues of each specific community.