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Portland Hip-Hop Day 2018 Comes to City Hall, Featuring Free Performances From 30 Artists

Press Release
Damian Lillard and Front Page Music will sponsor the fourth annual event.
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Portland, OR–Portland Hip-Hop Day will come to City Hall for the fourth year in a row on Sunday, August 26 from 2-8 pm. Come enjoy free performances from 30 Portland hip-hop artists and artists that have contributed to Portland’s hip-hop scene.

With the passing of Idris "STARCHILE" O'Ferral, key founder of PDX Hip-Hop Day, we will be celebrating his life and contribution to the Portland Hip Hop scene as well as honoring and recognizing a host of other key hip-hop pillars. This year’s Hip-Hop Day “Legends: The Future Of Now & Then” will feature 30 local artists, including Cool Nutz, Vursatyl, Libretto, EPP and Mic Capes. Damian Lillard and Front Page Music are producing the event, along with support from Mayor Wheeler’s Office, X-Ray FM, DJ O.G. One and several other sponsors.

“Hip-Hop was something that was always a passion for me. Seeing PDX Hip-Hop Day grow to what it is now is a true blessing, especially to have some of the founders and true pioneers honored, as at times the ones who put in the blood, sweat, and tears are overlooked,” says Cool Nutz. “I’m proud of what Portland Hip-Hop has become, and I pray that we can continue to leave a long lasting legacy and journal of its rich story.”

“Portland Hip hop day will be about our community growth and celebrating and honoring each other with Love & Respect for this culture we love: hip- hop,” says DJ O.G. One. “It's the way STARCHILE would have had it.”

This years line-up includes:

  • Cool Nutz
  • Lifesavs
  • Libretto
  • Mic Crenshaw
  • Mic Capes
  • Rasheed Jamaal
  • Wynne
  • Jae Lava
  • Brookfield Duece
  • Mikey Vegaz
  • FliboiMoe
  • Mighty
  • Destro 
  • Bocha
  • Serge Severe
  • EPP
  • Mooky
  • Yung Mil
  • Karma Rivera
  • Andre Waymond
  • Stryk 9
  • StyleZ
  • G.E.R.O.
  • Fontaine
  • Mixmasta KD
  • The Mighty Juggernaut
  • Mello Cee
  • Rev Shines
  • DJ Fatboy
  • DJ Myrie