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City of Portland and Downtown Clean & Safe partner to bring new garbage cans to downtown Portland this summer

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Portland, Ore. – Today, the city of Portland, in partnership with Downtown Clean & Safe and the Portland Business Alliance, voted to approve Clean & Safe’s purchase of 100 garbage can units to be manufactured and deployed to downtown streets by mid-summer 2018. Clean & Safe’s board of directors voted to support the city’s new high-capacity garbage cans by funding the entire rollout of the program within the downtown business improvement district, with $200,000 designated in this fiscal year and an additional $200,000 in the 2018-19 fiscal year to convert all remaining cement round cans with the new design.

This partnership allows the city to use its funds in other areas of the city that need expanded garbage disposal capacity. The new high-volume garbage cans include strong locking mechanisms that prevent damage to the cans and a side shelf for recyclable bottles. Additionally, the new downtown garbage cans will feature bold graphic designs from local artist, Dan Stiles, bringing more fun and energy to the streetscape.

“At Clean & Safe, we understand how important these partnerships are to truly make a difference in our city,” said Lynnae Berg, executive director of Downtown Clean & Safe and vice president of downtown services at the Portland Business Alliance. “This new style of garbage can will expand capacity and help ensure that downtown Portland is a clean, safe and attractive place for people to work, shop, visit and live.”

You can view the new designs here: