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Mayor Ted Wheeler Will Introduce a Protest Safety Ordinance in City Council

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Portland, OR – Over the last two years, the City of Portland has seen its fair share of violent protests. This repeated occurrence continues to impact our businesses, residents, and the safety of our community. That is why Mayor Ted Wheeler will introduce a Protest Safety Ordinance to City Council for 2:15 pm on Thursday, November 8 where there will be opportunity for public testimony.

If passed, the ordinance will continue to uphold 1st amendment rights, while establishing specific guidelines -- for demonstrations held in the city. The goal of this ordinance is to protect both the freedom of expression for demonstrators and the safety of the entire community. You can read the ordinance that was filed to the clerk in the document attached.

Portland would join cities like Las Vegas, Pittsburgh, Long Beach, Cincinnati, Springfield, and Raleigh – in offering time, place, and manner regulations for demonstrations. Other cities who have imposed restrictions for specific demonstrations have been challenged on their decisions, but successfully had their regulations upheld in court. Cities like: New York, Seattle, Denver, Colorado Spring, Tacoma.

“Portland is one of the most vibrant, livable and economically prosperous cities in the U.S, and we have a robust history of peaceful demonstrations — but in recent years we’ve become a magnet for agitators either with a history of -- or an expressed intent to be violent,” says Mayor Wheeler. “We created common-sense, content-neutral legislation to protect the safety and property of the public.”

WHERE: Portland City Hall, Council Chambers

WHEN: 11/8/2018 –  2:15 PM

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