Two people walk outside cleaning up litter

I believe all Portlanders should be able to live, work and conduct our daily lives in a community that is safe and clean. -Mayor Ted Wheeler

Public Environment Management Office (PEMO)

Since the Mayor’s creation of the Public Environment Management Office (PEMO) in May 2022, over 1.2M square feet of graffiti has been cleaned. PEMO was created to coordinate non-homelessness related litter and graffiti removal efforts throughout Portland city limits.

How to report non-homelessness related trash 

To report trash contact the City's information and referral team through the following methods:

How to report homelessness related trash

To report trash that has resulted from a homelessness encampment please utilize the following methods: 

How to report graffiti 

You can report graffiti or other types of defacement to public or private property online in just a couple of minutes. 
Submit a graffiti report online

You can also contact the City's information and referral team through the following methods: 

Click here for more information on PEMO

Partners and programs

The Mayor has long prioritized enhancing Clean and Safe efforts to eliminate trash, biohazards and drug needles, expanding our neighborhood graffiti abatement program, and starting a new program to get hazardous and abandoned RVs off our roads.

To report a campsite click here.

For Metro's RID Patrol click here.

Our partners include SOLVEAdopt One Block, Downtown Portland’s Clean & Safe, Trash for Peace and we work closely with Port of Portland, ODOT, Oregon Department of State Lands, and Multnomah County