Economic Prosperity

Mayor Wheeler inside a shop downtown

"I value the creation and nurturing of a vibrant community where economic prosperity is shared by everyone," -Mayor Wheeler

FY23-24 Budget

A key element to the success of economic recovery and prosperity is ensuring that our built environment is well maintained. This budget invests significantly in continued livability improvements. In addition to supporting small businesses and local events through grants, we are also continuing to provide enhanced lighting citywide. This work will encourage Portlanders to get into their community and take advantage of all that our small businesses and events have to offer.

As we invest in the recovery of our city, we must also invest significantly in the mandated Charter reform passed by Portlanders in November of 2022, which overhauls the current system of local government. Portlanders expect City Hall to open on January 1st, 2025 with changes to how we elect officials, how officials govern, and how bureaus are managed.

Bold change requires bold investment. Our last several budget cycles have created a solid foundation to facilitate this incredible amount of change and the budget for FY 2023-24 will build on that foundation.

Our objectives through the next fiscal year are clear: we must remain responsiveness in addressing our community’s most pressing challenges, uphold our responsibilities in implementing charter changes, and continue to provide and improve upon our service delivery to Portlanders.


With the City of Portland continuing to grow at an unprecedented rate, the Mayor is working to close the wealth gap between lower-income and middle-income families. He does this through collaboration with Commissioner Carmen Rubio and Prosper Portland, the city's economic and urban development agency. Prosper works with public, private, and community partners to deliver on strategic objectives, initiatives, projects and programs designed to benefit all Portlanders.

In April 2023, Portland City Council approved a five-year citywide plan, Advance Portland: A Call to Action for Inclusive Economic Growth. This plan guides Prosper Portland's work on building and strengthening an equitable economy. 

Mayor Wheeler has developed the Central City Recovery Plan to ensure the cultural center and economic engine of our city and state can be a safe and welcoming place for all people to live, work, and visit. 

He also spear-headed the launch of Portland Means Progress with an unprecedented coalition of more than a dozen business and multicultural organizations. Portland Means Progress will enable local companies with three to 23,000 employees to grow and to help Portland grow more equitably by:

  • Committing to pay employees a minimum of $15 per hour
  • Creating internship and job opportunities for underrepresented youth
  • Increasing purchasing from diverse businesses
  • Changing business culture to be more inclusive

Mayor Wheeler also helped spearhead Here For Portland, a campaign designed to help local businesses succeed as we all recover from COVID-19.

Economic Relief Partners

We’re all in this together, so we’re working together with partners from all over the region and state to ensure economic and social resilience and recovery. The City of Portland thanks its partners who are helping everyone in our community get through this crisis.

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