Portland Action Tables

Portland Action Tables

Strategic Innovations Group (SIG)

The Mayor’s Strategic Innovation Group (SIG) is a team of policy and project managers that advise Mayor Ted Wheeler on the development and implementation of his proactive leadership goals. The SIG does research, analysis, monitors policies and programs, serve as liaisons in community groups, and facilitate community engagement groups such as the Action Tables.

Working through the lens of equity and inclusion, and sustainability, the mayor’s goals are:

  • Affordable housing and houselessness 

  • Community safety and police reform 

  • Public cleanliness and livability 

  • Economic development and job training 

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About the Portland Action Tables

Portland collaborates to achieve its goals. That's why the City of Portland is convening five "action tables" to respond to Portland’s challenges. The people who join these tables will work together to identify and implement strategic solutions.

The City is particularly interested in ensuring people and organizations who are too often unheard or underserved have a place at the action tables, which are being built on a foundation of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Reputation, Recovery & Rebranding

Reputation Recovery & Rebranding: This action table will focus on telling Portland's story by conducting public opinion research and supporting creative and innovative marketing strategies. This action table is led by communications leaders from public and private organizations located across the the city. If you have experience with communications, marketing, and branding experience, please join this action table.

Find more meeting materials on this action table here.

Safety & Compassion

Safety & Compassion: This action table will create business safety measures and solutions to reduce vandalism and destructive crime. If you or your organization are passionate about working to find innovative public safety solutions, this is the table for you.

Clean and Green

Clean & Green: This table will support cleanup efforts across the city to improve Portland's livability for everyone, focusing on improvement in six areas: litter clean-up, illegal dumping, graffiti removal, human waste removal, abandoned cars, and street cleaning. The experts at SOLVE co-chair this table. If you can help provide cleaning services or volunteer coordination for strategic cleanup efforts, this is the action table for you.

Find meeting materials on this action table here

Business Success & Job Creation

Business Success & Job Creation: This action table will help local businesses reopen safely by creating and implementing tools like rental assistance, online marketplaces, and expediting permits for safety-related projects that help businesses reopen. If you have innovative ideas, expertise or insight into the needs of local businesses, please join this action table.

Find meeting materials on this action table here

PDX Recovery + Events

PDX Recovery + Events: This action table will make Portland a hub of events and activities by engaging directly with arts, music, and events planning organizations. This action table will find creative and fun ways to activate spaces downtown and across the city.

Find meeting materials on this action table here.

The descriptions of the action tables are general for a reason. The City wants the people who join the tables to have a say about the goals, focus and actions each table will create. The people of Portland must work together to ensure the city comes back from the pandemic as a stronger, more resilient and more equitable community for everyone. 

Interested in joining?

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