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FAQs: Financial assistance for your sewer, stormwater, and water bill

Frequently asked questions about our financial assistance program, including information on the bill discount, crisis vouchers, assistance for renters at multifamily properties, water leak repair assistance, and other ways to lower your bill.
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How does the bill discount work? 

The bill discount is a discount on every sewer, stormwater, and water bill you receive. You can qualify for the program if you meet income guidelines and have a single-family residential account. See the online application for income eligibility amounts for households of different sizes. 

Households earning up to 60 percent of median family income are eligible for the bill discount program. We base the discount amount on your income. The usual discount is about $210 off a quarterly (90-day) bill and about $115 off a bimonthly (60-day) bill. 

Use this link to apply. A Customer Service representative will contact you after you've applied. 

Click here to apply online for the bill discount and other financial assistance. 

What is a crisis voucher? 

A voucher (credit) may be available for people who are experiencing a temporary crisis. You must be enrolled in the bill discount program to qualify. The voucher will provide a credit of up to $500 depending on your balance. It is not available more than once every 12 months. You must pay some of your bill to receive assistance. 

Click here to apply online for a crisis voucher and other financial assistance. 

I have a leak and can't afford to fix it. Can you help? 

We do offer financial help for fixing leaks. If you own and live in your home, you may be able to get free repair of a leaky toilet, faucet, or pipe. You must be enrolled in the bill discount program to qualify. 

To learn more, contact our leak repair team by email or call 503-823-4527

Click here to apply online for free water leak repair assistance.

Are there any other ways I can lower my bill? 

One way to save money on your bill is to use less water. We offer information and technical resources about how to use water efficiently. Visit our Water Efficiency page, email our water efficiency team, or call 503-823-4527 for help. 

We also offer the Clean River Rewards program. If you manage stormwater on your property, you can receive up to a 100 percent discount on your on-site stormwater management charges because your actions help protect rivers, streams, and groundwater from the damaging effects of stormwater runoff. With Clean River Rewards, you can save money and work for clean rivers and healthy watersheds at the same time.