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Finding leaks from space

Yes, you read that right--from space! Learn how we're using satellites to find leaks and save water and money.

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Love your throne on World Toilet Day

It’s easy to take that porcelain throne for granted, but toilets and sewers are essential for public health. Learn about some easy steps you can take at home to show your toilet some love.

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Fall Into Water Savings

As the seasons change, so do the water needs of your landscape. Here are a few tips to keep your landscape resilient and water efficient this season.

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Water Leak Repair Program Stories: Binh

Binh of Northeast Portland had an underground leak so large he had to turn his water on and off again every time he used it. We fixed his leak for free so he can run his water full-time and worry free!

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Water Leak Repair Program Stories: Mark

Mark's dripping faucet used to drive him crazy. Our Water Leak Repair Program fixed his leaks and gave him back his peace of mind.

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Water Leak Repair Program Stories: Suzanne

Learn how we helped Suzanne of Northeast Portland fix her large underground leak of over 3,000 gallons of water per day through our Water Leak Repair Program.

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Widmer Brothers: Leaders in water-wise brewing

Widmer Brothers Brewing is a national leader in efficient use of water resources in brewing. Widmer uses around 3.77 gallons of water per gallon of beer brewed, while other breweries of Widmer’s size typically use five to six gallons.

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