Irrigation rebate application

Rebates are available for WaterSense-labeled irrigation controllers and multistream rotator sprinkler nozzles. Anyone with an active Portland Water Bureau sewer/stormwater/water account can apply for rebates. Annual backflow testing must be up to date.

The form may take up to 15 minutes to complete. Rebates can take up to a full billing cycle to appear on the water account.

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Step 1: Purchase qualifying hardware and save your receipts

Applications must be received within one year of hardware purchase date. Rebates are for qualifying nozzles and irrigation controllers only and will not cover costs for installation. Be sure to keep all receipts.

WaterSense-labeled irrigation controllers

Limit one per account. Get up to $100 for residential and up to $500 for commercial and multifamily accounts toward the cost of the controller. Controller must be installed to a system with a testable backflow assembly. Hose faucet timers are not eligible for rebate.

Find a qualifying controller model

Multistream rotator nozzles

Get $3 per nozzle, limit of 32 for residential accounts and up to 96 for commercial and multifamily accounts. Qualifying models:

  • Hunter MP Rotator Series: 800, 1000, 2000, 3000, 3500, MP corners and strips, Pro-Spray
  • Rainbird R-VAN Series: R-VAN14, R-VAN18, R-VAN24, R-VAN corners and strips
  • TORO Precision Series: PRN-TA, PRN-TF, 570Z, pressure compensation spray series: 0-5, 0-8, 0-10, 0-12, 0-15, and Arc 


Disclaimer of endorsement: The City of Portland Water Bureau (PWB) does not design, regulate, or endorse irrigation or landscape products or companies. The irrigation equipment manufacturers listed are presented as a reference for irrigation control technologies that meet PWB program rebate specifications. Equipment from other manufacturers may also qualify. This list is provided as a service to customers and contractors, and is not intended to comprise a complete list of products meeting performance specifications.

Step 2: Install hardware and make sure backflow testing is up to date

Irrigation hardware must be installed at the property where you have your water account.

Annual backflow testing must be up to date to get a rebate. You must have a testable backflow protection assembly with up-to-date backflow inspection results from within the past year. Backflow assemblies are required to be installed on the water service connections to all landscape sprinkler systems. Backflow assemblies must be tested annually by a state-certified backflow assembly tester.

Find more information about required backflow protection.

Step 3: Complete rebate application

Apply for the outdoor irrigation rebate

You will need your Portland Water Bureau account number. If you don't know who your water provider is, use this lookup tool. Apply for your rebate within 90 days of buying or installing equipment. Be sure to attach the purchase receipt for your irrigation controller or sprinkler nozzles (or both!). We can accept scans or photos of your receipts. Applications missing receipt attachments will be delayed.