Portland Water Bureau manuals and design standards

If you're applying for a building permit, a public works permit, or a utility permit, or if you interact with the water system in the right-of-way, use these manuals and CAD standards to understand our design and construction requirements.
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Utility protection guidelines

The guidelines in the utility protection plan are intended for the use of developers, contractors, and other utilities when working in and around Portland Water Bureau water facilities, including excavation in the public right-of-way.

Manuals for developers building water mains

Developers who are building water mains as part of new construction or subdivision development need to use the following two manuals:

The Developers Manual provides information about the design and construction of water systems built by developers.

The Materials Manual provides technical and general product specifications, and lists products that have been reviewed and prequalified for use in the Portland water system for pressures of up to 150 psi (1034 kPa) unless otherwise stated. All other pressures will be outlined in specific project specifications. Project specifications may supersede products presented in the Materials Manual.

Design guidelines for interactive fountains

These guidelines provide designers and project managers in consulting firms and other city bureaus with the Water Bureau's design requirements for interactive fountains.

Standard Drawings

Citywide list of Standard Drawings and Details

Fire hydrant CAD drawings

Blowoff and air release CAD drawings

Corrosion control and crossings CAD drawings

Small water services CAD drawings

Header Services 

General CAD drawings

Vaults CAD drawings

Vault drawings include differences in installation settings, vault sizes, and b and c options for some where the piping has alternatives that may be needed due to setting.

All vault drawings are intended to be used with P-855 General Vault Details and should not exclude P-855. Use of vault drawings with a c in the number indicate they are not preferred and may require approval before use.

Frames and covers CAD drawings


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