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Water development fees and system development charges (SDC)

About water development fees and charges

We collect fees and charges as part of our permitting process. Some of the fees pay for the staff that are part of the permit review process. These fees also pay for installations we make. Other fees are system development charges (SDCs), which are one-time charges paid by customers when they apply for a new water connection (or increase the size of an existing connection). We use money collected through SDCs to fund our large capital improvement projects, like the Bull Run Treatment Projects. Capital improvement projects benefit existing and future customers.

Current fee and SDC schedules

Cost sharing options

We cost share the following projects with applicants:

  • water main extensions
  • public fire hydrants
  • water main connections from the public water system to privately constructed subdivisions

If your project is eligible, you'll be responsible for 60% of the project costs. We'll cover 40% of the project costs, up to $5,780 for a standalone fire hydrant installation and up to $2,890 for a hydrant installed with a main extension.

The cost-share program doesn't cover costs for installing, activating, or removing services or service branches.

For more information about cost sharing, call Water Development Services at 503-823-7368.


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