W-6 fee statement request

The W-6 fee statement request form is required to prepare a fee statement that identifies the cost for work that the Water Available group has reviewed and approved (such as meters, hydrants, mains and fire services).
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When a W-6 form is needed

The Water Available group requires this form for projects that will involve public water system work and are not paid for through a building permit. The Water Bureau will prepare a fee statement that identifies our cost to provide water service to or perform water work at the site. The fee statement is based on our current water fee schedule.

Steps to complete before submitting your W-6 form

Before submitting the W-6 form, complete the following steps for the type of permit you have. Note: The W-6 form will not be accepted when the associated building permit has not been issued or when the public works permit has not achieved final plan review (90%) approval from all bureaus.

  • Building permits
    • Verify if your building permit is issued.
    • Verify that building permit revisions with changes or impacts to water or fire services are issued.
    • Verify that the site utility plan matches the public works permit when applicable.
    • If you have a fire line, irrigation service, or a 2" or larger service, verify that your permit has been reviewed for backflow concerns.
  • Public works permits
    • Verify that your public works permit has final plan approval (90%) from all bureaus.
    • Verify the public works permit matches the building permit site utility plan when applicable.
  • Land use review
    • Verify that you were provided the Water Bureau conditions of approval.

When is additional material required?

If you would like a new water meter, irrigation meter, or new fire service, and you don't have a building permit or your permit didn't need to be reviewed by the Water Available group, then additional material will be required.

  • Meter sizing worksheet. Water Available must review and approve proper meter sizing. Complete and submit a W-3, small meter sizing worksheet for 5/8″, 3/4″, and 1″ meters or a W-4, large meter sizing worksheet for 1.5″ meters and larger.
  • Site utility plan. Water Available must review and approve the proposed location of water services. Your site utility plan must be scalable and legible, showing all existing and proposed utilities and features, properly labeled, in the right-of-way. Show the whole street (curb to opposite curb) running along the entire length of the property frontage. Include easements, right-of-way lines, property lines, and curb lines (on both sides of the street). Show utilities serving both sides of the street.
  • Water quality backflow review. If you have a fire line, irrigation service, or 2" or larger service, a water quality backflow review will be required.

Note: A missing or incomplete meter sizing worksheet or site utility plan will delay the fee statement request process.

Completing the W-6 form

  1. Enter the applicant/contact name, contact information, property address and any associated permit number.
  2. Check the appropriate box or boxes for meter or water service work being requested.
  3. If you have a fire or irrigation system, enter your system's design flow demand in gallons per minute (gpm). The gpm is required to complete a fee statement for these services. The gpm is determined by your fire or irrigation system designer. The Water bureau will not provide this information.

Methods to submit the W-6 form


The Water Available group will schedule installation for meter upsizes on existing service branches after you have paid all associated fees.

For scheduling information about all other work, contact the Water Bureau Maintenance & Construction Coordinators two business days after paying your fees. If your project involves a meter larger than 2″, a dedicated fire line, or hydrant work, we'll need to obtain a PBOT Street Opening Permit (PBOT SOP), which will take an additional two to three weeks.

Contact Water Bureau Maintenance & Construction Coordinators:

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