Memorial Day closure

Most City of Portland offices will be closed Monday, May 27, in observance of Memorial Day.

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Schedule a free 15-minute meeting with a construction, zoning and development expert. Ask questions about building permit submittal requirements and zoning. Get help with the permit process, ask zoning requirements questions, building codes and more. Language access is available.
Learn more about the requirements that apply to accessory dwelling units related to water, sanitary and stormwater sewer connections.
This page lists phone numbers for development managers and supervisors at the Bureau of Development Services and other City permitting bureaus.
If you're applying for a building permit, a public works permit, or a utility permit, or if you interact with the water system in the right-of-way, use these manuals and CAD standards to understand our design and construction requirements.
Some development permits require water flow and pressure information. Start here to request that information from the Portland Water Bureau.
Use the Residential Meter Request Form to report information to the Water Development Services team about the water needs of your residential development project.
In January 2021, City Council approved an update to Portland City Code Title 21, which included updates to the water metering policy. Beginning July 1, 2021, the bureau has new requirements and new cost structures for installing water meters.  
If you're a business owner, operator, or tenant located in the Columbia South Shore Well Field, you can find the required hazardous materials reporting resources here.

Title 21 Water City Code

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Title 21 city code governing water
The W-4 worksheet is used to determine the correct meter size for all fixtures (such as sinks, toilets, and hose bibs) served by a 1.5" meter or larger.
The W-6 fee statement request form is required to prepare a fee statement that identifies the cost for work that the Water Available group has reviewed and approved (such as meters, hydrants, mains and fire services).