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Learn about water pressure in Portland and how to troubleshoot water pressure or flow problems in your home.
Bull Run watershed tours offer the unique chance to see firsthand how Portland's drinking water travels from forest to faucet.
Each quarter of the year, we make our Bureau Director's calendar available to the public. The calendars are viewable and downloadable.

Water CCF to gallon converter

City of Portland Website
The City of Portland measures water consumption in CCFs or hundred cubic feet. Use this tool to calculate how many gallons of water you used during a billing period.
Take back the tap at your next event with Portland Water Bureau’s Water Event Station (WES). WES is a portable water filling station that features 2 spigots to fill reusable water bottles.

Water quality

The Water Bureau strives to provide excellent drinking water every minute of every day. We work hard to protect public health by providing safe and reliable drinking water to homes and businesses in the Portland region.
Maintaining water quality is a shared responsibility. We deliver safe and reliable drinking water to your property. As a building owner or property manager, you're responsible for maintaining water quality once the water enters your building.
The Water Bureau delivers water service to Portland residents and businesses.
If you have yellow or brown water at your tap and are impacted by a discolored water event, the Water Bureau is here to help. Learn more about what to do during these events.
A brief guide on what community can expect during ongoing construction projects conducted by the Water Bureau.
Groundwater from the Columbia South Shore Well Field is used as a secondary source for customers served by the Bull Run supply and also provides supplemental supply during the high-demand summer season. This page lists all the times we have used groundwater.
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