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The Portland Water Bureau’s Maintenance & Construction crews are ready to respond to emergencies, including water main breaks, 24-hours a day, and seven days a week. On average, crews respond to 200 main breaks a year.
When we need to clean inside the city’s pipes, we flush water through hydrants. It’s one way we maintain excellent water quality.
Learn more about maintaining your water heater, how to troubleshoot basic problems, and when to call a plumber.
Cuando necesitamos limpiar el interior de las tuberías de la ciudad, realizamos un lavado de agua a través de los hidrantes. Es una de las formas de mantener la excelente calidad del agua.
Annual hydrant permit holders are only allowed to use the authorized hydrants on this interactive map
Konik non Portland mi chok nimeoch ach sipwe un non ei fansoun mi wor naafengawen kaor non unusen ach ei kinikinin.
Iteiten ran, kich mi achocho ne angang won met si mochen epwe penuweta ren kaoren konikin uun mi nimeoch ngeni ekis tefen ew million aramas non Oregon.

Have you bought or sold a house? Are you moving from one rental to another? Contact us to open, close, or transfer your sewer, stormwater, and water account.

Pay by Text

You can pay your sewer, stormwater, and water bill by text message.
To make a payment online you will need the permit number and the amount due. This information can be located on the invoice you received in the mail. If you cannot find your invoice, call 503-823-1256 for assistance.
Learn more about how to apply for permits and receive inspections from Environmental Services, Fire and Rescue, Transportation, Urban Forestry and Water.
We work to uproot systemic inequities and their impacts on our employees and the people we serve. We commit to the difficult—and essential—work of transforming Water Bureau policies, practices, and culture to better serve historically and currently oppressed communities. 
In response to the financial burden of the COVID-19 pandemic, we partnered with the Bureau of Environmental Services to provide financial support to Portland's small businesses.
We issue precautionary boil water advisories when there is a loss of pressure in a water main (pipe). If you're affected by one of these advisories, we'll hang a notice on the doorknob of your front door. If you have received a door hanger, boil your water or use bottled water.
Preguntas frecuentes, Afloat: Alivio para deudas con los servicios públicos
Portland's water remains available and safe to drink during this regional supply shortage.

Portlanders may use water to stay hydrated and keep cool during the extreme heat.

Regional Water Providers Consortium

Joint Regional Resource
The Regional Water Providers Consortium provides leadership in the planning, management, stewardship, and resiliency of drinking water in the Portland, OR metropolitan region.
You can choose to pay every month (instead of every three months) so that your payment due isn’t as big. You pay the same amount either way.
Have questions about your drinking water quality? Want to report discolored water, water that tastes or smells bad, water pressure that's too high or too low, or no water at the tap? Our water quality specialists can help!
Is something wrong with your water service? See a leak in the street? Call us 24 hours a day.
Customers may qualify for bill adjustments when property-side leaks impact utility bills. Customers may request adjustments after leaks have been repaired. A City staff person will check the water meter to verify that the leak has been fixed.