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Portland's groundwater improves the reliability of our water system by providing a robust secondary drinking water source that supplements the water we get from Bull Run. Together, these two water sources ensure that we can deliver excellent water every minute of every day.
Just like our rivers, our groundwater must be protected. The cities of Portland, Gresham, and Fairview have implemented the Groundwater Protection Program to protect the Columbia South Shore Well Field, a source of drinking water for nearly one million Oregonians.
Portland has excellent water in part because generations of lawmakers, City staff, and community members have worked to protect Bull Run.
We are committed to reducing our impact on the climate. Here's an overview of the actions we're taking to reduce carbon emissions and become more energy efficient as we continue our essential work of serving drinking water to Portland.
Please email or call us if you have a concern about your bill. If we can’t resolve your concern, you may file a formal, written appeal to the Administrative Review Committee at no cost.
Learn more about different backflow prevention assemblies.
Learn how to accurately measure pH at home.
Everyone has a role to play when it comes to preparing for winter. Below are tips for protecting your home’s plumbing through rain, snow, and ice.
This page explains how single-family residential customers can read and understand their bill.
Have questions about how to fill out your annual report for the Groundwater Protection Program? Start here.
Learn how lead enters drinking water, how you can test for lead and reduce your exposure to lead in water, and what the Water Bureau is doing to reduce lead in water.
Aprenda cómo entra el plomo en el agua potable, cómo hacerse un análisis de plomo y cómo reducir la exposición al plomo en el agua. Aprenda también lo que está haciendo el Departamento de Aguas para reducir el plomo en el agua.
Aflați cum intră plumbul în apa dumneavoastră potabilă, cum o puteți testa pentru a detecta plumbul și ce face Portland Water Bureau pentru a reduce plumbul din apă.
Biyaha Portland wali waa kuwo badqab u leh in la cabo inta lagu jiro koloriin yaridaan ku baahday gobalka oo dhan.
Maalin kasta, waxaan ka shaqaynaa inaan ka guul gaarno shaqadeena si aan biyo badqab u leh cabitaan u siino ku dhawaad hal milyan oo dad ah oo ku dhaqan Oregon.

Learn how lead enters drinking water, how you can test for lead and reduce your exposure to lead in water, and what the Water Bureau is doing to reduce lead in water.
Learn more about the actions in the Plan to Advance Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. Find the timing, lead teams, and questions for the data here.
Technical information about how and where to install backflow prevention assemblies.
Learn about Legionella, what the Water Bureau is doing to protect public health, and steps everyone can take to prevent Legionella growth in their plumbing systems.
Apa din Portland rămâne sigură pentru băut în timpul acestui deficit de aprovizionare la nivel regional. În fiecare zi, lucrăm să ne îndeplinim misiunea de a oferi apă potabilă sigură la aproximativ un milion de persoane în Oregon.

Baro sida Macdanta u galo biyaha la cabbo, sida aad iskaga tijaabin karto macdanka iyo una yarayn karto soo-gaadhistaada biyaha ku jiro macdanka, iyo waxa Xafiiska Biyaha sameeyo si loo yareeyo macdanka biyaha ki jirto.