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This annual report contains important information about Portland's drinking water and water system.
Located less than thirty miles east of Portland, the Bull Run Watershed's unique geography and rich history make it an iconic part of the story of our region. It serves as the primary drinking water supply for nearly one million people in the Portland metro area.
If you’re struggling to pay your sewer, stormwater, and water bill, we can help. Learn how to apply for a discount on your bill and view other resources for lowering your bill.
Investments in our water system today ensure access to clean and safe water for the entire region. We work hard to keep our infrastructure up to date and to prepare for emergencies.
Information about the 2023 Camp Creek Fire in the Bull Run Watershed. The fire is no longer active.
For over 100 years, Portland water customers have enjoyed high-quality drinking water at their taps. We are prepared to adapt and plan for a warming climate to continue to provide water that's safe and abundant for years to come.
Find Cryptosporidium test results and learn how we're changing our water treatment to address Cryptosporidium. If you have a condition that puts you at greater risk from Cryptosporidium in drinking water, find out how you can reduce your risk.
We test Portland’s drinking water to make sure it meets all state and federal standards. You can see water quality reports and data on this page.
Learn how to locate and use your emergency water shut-off valve so you can quickly turn off your water if your pipes burst.
Portland's groundwater improves the reliability of our water system by providing a robust secondary drinking water source that supplements the water we get from Bull Run. Together, these two water sources ensure that we can deliver excellent water every minute of every day.
Just like our rivers, our groundwater must be protected. The cities of Portland, Gresham, and Fairview have implemented the Groundwater Protection Program to protect the Columbia South Shore Well Field, a source of drinking water for nearly one million Oregonians.
Portland has excellent water in part because generations of lawmakers, City staff, and community members have worked to protect Bull Run.
We are committed to reducing our impact on the climate. Here's an overview of the actions we're taking to reduce carbon emissions and become more energy efficient as we continue our essential work of serving drinking water to Portland.
When temperatures are at or below freezing, water pipes can freeze or break. Whether you rent or own, there are steps you can take to protect your plumbing and reduce the risk of breaks.
Delivering safe, clean, and reliable drinking water is our highest priority.
Each year, we develop a Seasonal Water Supply Augmentation and Contingency Plan. This plan makes sure we're prepared for the range of potential drinking water supply and demand conditions that could occur in the Portland area.
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Source Water Assessment

State of Oregon Resource
This report from DEQ provides an assessment of Portland's drinking water sources, the Bull Run Watershed and Columbia South Shore Well Field.
Find the online form, materials, and instructions to prepare a public works permitting design development submittal.
Preconcept meetings are necessary for project and plan preparation to minimize project time and cost. Receive guidance, discuss possible solutions to potential conflicts, ask questions, and learn what information City staff need to effectively review your project.