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From road closures to home heating tips, the City of Portland can help you stay safe when severe weather hits. We're responsible for your streets, parks, water, storm drains and garbage collection, which can all be impacted by winter weather. Up-to-date winter weather information can be found here.
This annual report contains important information about Portland's drinking water and water system.
You can apply for a permit to use water from hydrants. We offer annual hydrant permits and temporary hydrant permits. Read on for information about each type of permit.
Every second of the day, more than 2,250 miles of pipe deliver water throughout the Portland area. If you stretched those pipes end to end, you'd have to drive to Mexico City to catch a drop. How does it all work? Start here for the basics on the visible and invisible parts of our water system.
Located less than thirty miles east of Portland, the Bull Run Watershed's unique geography and rich history make it an iconic part of the story of our region. It serves as the primary drinking water supply for nearly one million people in the Portland metro area.

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We serve excellent water every minute of every day.
The Afloat Utility Debt Relief program has ended. All funding has been distributed.
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The City of Portland is returning to normal billing and collections operations. Customers who have past due accounts and do not contact us or make payments will face fees and may have their water shut off.
We depend on property owners to protect our community's health by installing backflow prevention assemblies where required. The Oregon Health Authority requires public water systems to have active backflow prevention and cross-connection control programs.
At the Portland Water Bureau, we prepare as part of our daily work—hardening the backbone of our water system and building storage that will last for generations. In an emergency, everyone has a role to play. What's yours?
Frequently asked questions about online access and paying your sewer, stormwater, and water bill.
We created a new process for assessing and mitigating potential environmental impacts of Water Bureau projects on City-owned land in the Bull Run Closure Area. The administrative rules were adopted in December 2021.
Annual compliance reports for the Water Bureau's Habitat Conservation Plan
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For over 100 years, Portland water customers have enjoyed high-quality drinking water at their taps. We are prepared to adapt and plan for a warming climate to continue to provide water that's safe and abundant for years to come.
Esta página explica cómo los clientes residenciales unifamiliares pueden leer y entender su factura.
We're here to help. Choose from the list below to find the best way to contact us.
Find Cryptosporidium test results and learn how we're changing our water treatment to address Cryptosporidium. If you have a condition that puts you at greater risk from Cryptosporidium in drinking water, find out how you can reduce your risk.
Quarterly newsletter from Environmental Services and Portland Water — Portland's service providers for sewer, stormwater, and water. In this issue, we celebrate 50 years of the Clean Water Act and help you prepare for emergencies or temporary service disruptions.

Dodge Park

Located at the confluence of the Sandy and Bull Run rivers, Dodge Park is a playground in Portland’s backyard. Just 20 miles east of Portland, the park offers year-round picnicking, fishing, and boating.
We test Portland’s drinking water to make sure it meets all state and federal standards. You can see water quality reports and data on this page.
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El agua de Portland sigue siendo segura para beber durante esta escasez de suministros en nuestra región.
Cada día trabajamos para alcanzar nuestra misión de ofrecer agua para beber segura a aproximadamente un millón de personas en Oregón.