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Toilet Replacement Rebate

The Portland Water Bureau is currently offering a $50 rebate for replacing an old toilet or urinal with a WaterSense-labeled high-efficiency model.

Rebates may take as long as a full billing cycle for crediting.

  1. Select an eligible toilet

    The toilet you purchase must be WaterSense-labeled. Local plumbing stores are familiar with the WaterSense label. For a complete list of approved models, visit Be sure to save your receipts.

  2. Install toilet

    The toilet must be installed at the property associated with your account. You must also recycle your old toilet at one of the approved recycling locations. Ensure to get a receipt to show proof of recycling.

  3. Fill out the appropriate form

    Eligibility for the program will be outlined in the appropriate form based on the type of account you have with the Portland Water Bureau.

  4. Mail your forms

    Mail your form to the address below. Be sure to attach your form, receipt of new toilet purchase, and receipt of toilet recycling.

    Portland Water Bureau

    1120 SW 5th Ave Suite 405
    Portland, OR97204
    United States

Mailing address

1120 SW 5th Ave Suite 405
Portland, OR 97204