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Pague y gestione sus opciones en su factura de alcantarillado, aguas pluviales y agua de la ciudad de Portland.

Durante la emergencia por COVID-19, no estamos cobrando cargos por retraso y no suspenderemos el servicio de agua debido a problemas de pago. Los clientes siguen siendo responsables de
Pay and manage your options on your City of Portland sewer, stormwater, and water bill.

Behind on your bill? Our friendly customer service staff will help you set up a flexible payment plan or apply for financial assistance. If you can’t pay your full bill, contact us.
Trong trường hợp khẩn cấp vì COVID-19, chúng tôi sẽ không tính phí trả muộn và sẽ không ngắt nguồn nước do vấn đề thanh toán. Khách hàng vẫn phải chịu trách nhiệm cho các khoản phí phát sinh trong thời gian này.
From road closures to home heating tips, the City of Portland can help you stay safe when severe weather hits. We're responsible for your streets, parks, water, storm drains and garbage collection, which can all be impacted by winter weather. Up-to-date winter weather information can be found here.
В период кризиса, вызванного пандемией COVID19, мы не взимаем штрафные сборы и не отключаем водоснабжение в связи с задержкой платежей. Клиенты все еще несут ответственность за покрытие задолженности, накопившейся за это время.

This annual report contains important information about Portland's drinking water and water system.
You can apply for a permit to use water from hydrants. We offer annual hydrant permits and temporary hydrant permits. Read on for information about each type of permit.
Every second of the day, more than 2,250 miles of pipe deliver water throughout the Portland area. If you stretched those pipes end to end, you'd have to drive to Mexico City to catch a drop. How does it all work? Start here for the basics on the visible and invisible parts of our water system.
Located less than thirty miles east of Portland, the Bull Run Watershed's unique geography and rich history make it an iconic part of the story of our region. It serves as the primary drinking water supply for nearly one million people in the Portland metro area.

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We serve excellent water every minute of every day.
Después de dos años de pandemia, cerca de 14,000 clientes residenciales de Portland tienen facturas pendientes de alcantarillado/aguas pluviales/agua. La ciudad de Portland cuenta con fondos limitados procedentes de una beca federal para ayudar a los clientes a ponerse al día con sus pagos.
Hai năm sau đại dịch, khoảng 14,000 khách hàng dân cư của Portland đã bị quá hạn hóa đơn nước thải/nước mưa/nước sinh hoạt.  Thành phố Portland có nguồn tài trợ hạn chế từ một khoản trợ cấp liên bang để giúp khách hàng thanh toán đúng hạn trở lại.
The Afloat: Utility Debt Relief program helps reduce utility debt through bill credits for the City’s single-family residential sewer/stormwater/water customers. This program is funded by the American Rescue Plan, which is investing in Portland’s recovery – and our future.
Two years into the pandemic, about 14,000 of Portland’s residential customers have overdue sewer/stormwater/water bills. The City of Portland has limited funding from a federal grant to help customers get payments back on track.
Через два года после начала пандемии, примерно, у 14 000 бытовых потребителей Портланда имеется задолженность по оплате за канализацию/ливневые воды/водоснабжение.
If you'd like to use water from a specific hydrant, you can apply for a temporary hydrant permit. This permit allows you to use that hydrant for up to 90 days.
If you run a business that needs water at various places around the city, you can apply for an annual hydrant permit. The permit allows you to fill your truck or trailer tank at certain hydrants.
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