Report drinking water quality or pressure concerns

Have questions about your drinking water quality? Want to report discolored water, water that tastes or smells bad, water pressure that's too high or too low, or no water at the tap? Our water quality specialists can help!
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1. Check out troubleshooting guides

We have several troubleshooting guides to help you address the issue:

If the troubleshooting guides do not resolve your issue or you need more help, follow the steps below to contact our water quality specialists.

2. Gather information

Is there work being done near you? Check the WaterWorks map to see if there is construction or maintenance work in your area.

Impacted by a discolored water event? Follow our tips on what to do during a discolored water event.

Need to contact us? To help us understand your issue, be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • Is the issue happening at all of your faucets?
  • Is it happening with your cold water, your hot water, or both?
  • How would you describe what is happening? For example, if the water smells, what does it smell like? If the water is discolored, what color is it? If you see particles in the water, what size and color are they?

3. Contact us

The Water Quality Line operates Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. If you contact us outside of these hours, we will respond the next business day. If you need immediate assistance after hours, especially during the weekend, please call the 24-hour emergency line listed below.

Report a water quality concern online

By phone

503-823-7525 (interpretation services available)

During evenings and weekends, call our 24-hour emergency line: 503-823-4874 option 1

By email

Email the Water Quality Line