Pay by Text

You can pay your sewer, stormwater, and water bill by text message.

Signing up for this service usually takes about ten minutes.

How Pay by Text works

After setting up Pay by Text in your account, you can pay your bill simply by sending a text message.

Once you're registered, you will receive a text message from the City of Portland when your bill comes out. The message will include the bill amount, the day it's due, and a prompt to reply "OK" to pay with your saved payment method. When you reply "OK," your payment will process. You'll get a receipt by text message.

The original invitation to pay expires after two hours. If you reply after that, the system will send you a new bill notice and you'll need to reply again to pay.

How to enroll:

  1.  Sign in to your account. SelectPayment Options and then click Pay Options.
  2.  Store your bank account or credit card to use for Pay by Text.
  3.  Select My Profile and click Pay by Text.
  4.  On the drop-down "How would you like to receive Invoice Notifications?" select Email and Text.
  5.  Enter your mobile phone number and click Save.
  6.  You'll receive a text to confirm enrollment. Reply "OK" to activate Pay by Text.