Request a paper copy of the Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

Request a paper copy of the Drinking Water Quality report, which is also available online. Each year the Portland Water Bureau provides the Drinking Water Quality Report to all of its customers. The report contains important information about Portland's drinking water and water system.

We have several ways you can read the water quality report. Find this year's report, translations of the report, and reports from the past five years on our Water Quality Report page. If you want a paper copy mailed to you, use the contact information below to let us know.


Request a paper copy of the report


To order a paper copy in English, call 503-823-9444. We will mail you a paper copy of the report within 5 business days.

To order a paper copy in Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, or Simplified Chinese, call 503-823-7525. Interpretation services available. If you get our voicemail, leave your name and the mailing address you want the report sent to.

Encuentre más información en el informe en línea o llámenos y le enviaremos una copia impresa del informe en español: 503-823-7525.

Найдите дополнительную информацию в онлайн отчёте или позвоните нам, и мы вышлем вам экземпляр отчёта в бумажном виде на русском языке: 503-823-7525.

Tìm thêm thông tin trong báo cáo trực tuyến hoặc gọi cho chúng tôi và chúng tôi sẽ gửi cho bạn bản sao báo cáo bằng tiếng Việt qua thư: 503-823-7525.

在线上报告中寻找更多信息,或致电本局,我们可将报告的华语(中文)印刷版本邮寄给您: 503-823-7525