Four ways to keep your yard healthy and save water this summer

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Water Droplets: Just one broken or missing component in your irrigation system could be wasting 1,000 gallons of water per week! Picture of sprinkling spraying.
With summer officially upon us, it’s time to embrace the longer days and warmer weather here in Portland! As we prepare for summer barbecues and all things patio season, here are some tips to help you save water outdoors.
  1. Consider adjusting your lawn mower to a higher grass setting and mowing your lawn more frequently—about once a week. Longer grass gives the roots more shade and keeps the soil moist, while frequent mowing promotes a stronger root system overall. This means less maintenance is needed for your grass in the long run. The most commonly planted turfgrass in western Oregon is perennial ryegrass, which is best mowed to 1 to 2½ inches.
  2. Clear paved surfaces like patios and driveways with a broom rather than hosing them down to remove debris.
  3. Add mulch. Mulch is any material that’s spread over the soil’s surface. It can be organic and can be made from bark, wood chips, compost, or even aged manure. Applying a layer of mulch to your topsoil can prevent the water your lawn and garden need from getting soaked up by unwanted weeds. Plus, mulch can help keep the soil cool and create a strong root system.
  4. Avoid watering your lawn in the middle of the day. Temperatures peak during the middle of the day and can cause the most evapotranspiration during this time. Not sure how much water your lawn needs? No problem! You can get information on your weekly watering needs, customized to your zip code, from our partners at the Regional Water Providers Consortium. Sign up to receive your Weekly Watering Number by text or email.

Don’t forget to check your outdoor taps, hoses, and irrigation systems for leaks and damaged or misaligned nozzles! 

We also offer rebates for WaterSense-labeled irrigation controllers, multistream rotator sprinkler nozzles, and more. 

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