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Portland’s 2023 Drinking Water Quality Report is ready for your review. Here’s why you should care.

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Every year, the Portland Water Bureau issues the Drinking Water Quality Report to explain what’s in your water and what we do to keep it safe and flowing to your tap.

It’s your drinking water! Portland Water keeps you hydrated, keeps you cool, and keeps you clean. It’s in your morning cup, your favorite bowl of ramen, your pint of locally crafted beer. It’s a critical ingredient in thousands of products and services that power our regional economy and keep us safe.

Every year, the Portland Water Bureau issues the Drinking Water Quality Report to explain what’s in your water and what we do to keep it safe and flowing to your tap. We know most folks don’t have time to read federally mandated government reports (even when they look this good) so…

Here’s the key takeaway: The Portland Water Bureau continues to deliver clean and safe drinking water that meets or surpasses drinking water standards to nearly a million customers.

And here’s how we know: We conduct more than 11,000 tests per year to track more than 200 potential contaminants. Tests are conducted throughout the system, all the way from the source to people’s taps.

Real talk from Director Gabriel Solmer

"When I see the headlines from around the region and around the world about limited access to clean, safe water, I’m reminded how fortunate we are here in the Portland area to have some of the best drinking water in the world. It’s not by luck, but the result of decades of careful planning and ongoing investment in projects designed to keep our water safe and accessible.”

One important step is bringing a new Bull Run Treatment filtration facility online in 2027. Construction on the facility is expected to begin this fall. But the work doesn’t stop with its completion.

“We must stay vigilant by replacing aging pipes, pumps, and valves; by protecting the Bull Run Watershed and our groundwater system,” said Solmer. “We are also committed to evolving our operations to respond to climate change and reduce our carbon footprint.”

Public health is our top priority.

Portland’s drinking water comes from two high-quality sources, which are the two largest drinking water sources in the state: the Bull Run Watershed and the Columbia South Shore Well Field. This report includes all detections of known health-related contaminants detected in 2022. If a known health-related contaminant is not listed in this report, it was not detected in our drinking water.

What you will learn about in the report:

  • Portland’s tap water is safe to drink.

  • All the details about the quality of your drinking water.
  • Our ongoing investments in our drinking water system.
  • What we do to keep our water safe and abundant for generations to come.

How to read the report

As early as Thursday, June 1, Portlanders will receive a postcard in the mail with an easy-to-scan QR code and web address that will take them to the full Portland Water Bureau 2023 Drinking Water Quality Report on the City of Portland website.

The report is accessible for people who use screen readers and is available in English, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, and Chinese. You can request a paper copy online or by phone at 503-823-9444. To request translations in additional languages or accommodations for people with disabilities, call 503-823-7525 (Relay: 711). Interpretation services available.

The report also makes it easy for you to get updates on our excellent water sources, wise water system investments, and your drinking water.

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