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Don't flush your money down the toilet

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Text reading Let's find and fix leaks at home. Above and below the text are illustrations of different rooms in a house with water droplets over appliances that may have leaks
Leaks can waste a lot of water and money. There’s no better time than Fix-a-Leak Week (March 20-26) to track down household leaks that waste more than ONE TRILLION gallons of water nationwide each year.
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​​Find and fix leaks at home  

​Finding and fixing leaks at home is a quick and easy way to save water and money. Household leaks waste more than one trillion gallons of water nationwide each year, from visible faucet drips to silent toilet leaks. Get in the habit of checking your whole house for leaks at least twice a year. If you already check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors twice annually, add this to your list! In less than half an hour, you can do your part to help save water at home.  

​Fixed a leak? Ask about a credit on your bill.  

​Sometimes leaks are big enough to cause a higher-than-normal bill. If that’s the case, after you’ve fixed the leak, make sure to contact us and ask about a leak adjustment. We may be able to adjust your bill back to what would be more typical for you. 

​Water conservation kits—FREE for Portland Water Bureau customers 

Collection of water efficiency devices including a 5-minute shower timer, toilet leak detection dye tablets, a toilet fill cycle diverter, a showerhead, a hose nozzle, and faucet aerators.

​Get a custom water conservation kit to help save water and money.  Choose from a variety of simple-to-install water-saving devices for the fixtures in your home, including efficient showerheads, aerators for bathroom and kitchen faucets, 5-minute shower timers, and more.  

​If you really want to dig in, ask about our free home water audit kit. Using this kit will help you understand where you can start saving the most water inside your home. The process is simple, and we give you all the supplies you need to help you find leaks, prioritize fixing them, and help you start saving water and money.  

​Home water audit kits include:  

  • ​Flow-rate bag to measure shower and faucet flow rates 
  • ​Toilet leak detection dye tablets 
  • ​Drip gauge to measure leak rates 
  • ​Instructions  

​Order today 

  • ​Order by phone at 503-823-4527 or online
  • ​Delivery time: Please allow three to six weeks from the time you place your order.