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Prevent unwanted water use

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An outdoor hose spigot sticks out of a brick wall. The faucet is locked with a hose bib combination lock attachment.
You can prevent unwanted water use by securing your outdoor spigots.

We occasionally hear from residential or business customers who have discovered that their water is being used without their permission. When this happens, the water is usually tapped from an outside faucet, like a hose bib on the side of a building.   

The easiest way to prevent unwanted water use is to secure your outdoor spigots with a hose bib lock. Most bib locks fit the standard ¾” garden hose thread connectors. They’re simple, inexpensive devices that are available at most local home improvement stores.  

Hose bib locks are perfect for securing spigots at vacant homes, winterizing your residence, or for any time you want to have full control of water use from your hose bib. 

Water loss due to theft, vandalism, or construction damage is not covered by our leak adjustment policy and is the responsibility of the customer.

If you’re looking for ways to save water at your home or business or to track your usage, you can find helpful guidance on our Water Efficiency page.