Keep your lawn, save your water.

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When you water your lawn, you could be wasting as much as 30% of the water through evaporation, runoff, overspray, and overwatering. This can add up to bigger bills and less effeciency. Does that mean you have to ditch your lawn? Nope. But a few simple practices can help you save water this summer!

Do I need to water my lawn?

No. In our area, a well-maintained lawn can be left unwatered during the summer months without damaging the grass. The lawn won’t die, it’ll just go dormant (think of it as taking a long summer nap). Your green lawn will return quickly when the rainy season starts.

How much should I water my lawn?

Water Wisely: this summer with your Weekly Watering Number! Sign up at

If you do plan to irrigate this summer, it’s a good idea to first measure your sprinkler’s output. Then, make it easy on yourself and let the experts tell you how much to water. Sign up for the free Weekly Watering Numberand get an email or text that tells you the amount of water (in inches) your lawn will need each week. Our friends at the Regional Water Providers Consortium publish the weekly watering number every Thursday from April through September.

In addition to watering advice, you’ll get tips on how to keep your yard thriving and conserve water throughout the summer.

Mow more, water less

You can also save water by mowing frequently, about once a week. Mowing a little each time can encourage robust root development. And stronger roots mean your lawn will need less water and maintenance to look great.

While the ideal mowing height depends on what kind of grass you have, a good rule of thumb is to always maintain two-thirds of the original height of the lawn.

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