Portland Water Bureau Offers Lead Hazard Reduction Grants to Community Organizations

Blog Post
Portland-based agencies and non-profits that are experienced in lead education are encouraged to apply for a Portland Water Bureau Lead Hazard Reduction Program (LHRP) grant.

The grant provides funding to organizations that work with people who are high risk for lead exposure by conducting education, outreach, testing, and remediation in the Portland community. The program doesn’t just focus on hazards from lead in water but all hazards posed by lead. In Portland, the most common source of lead exposure is from lead-based paint.

Organizations that are awarded grant funding will engage with people most at risk for lead poisoning (children under six and pregnant people) as well as diverse communities (such as communities of color, people with low incomes, people with a disability, or people whose native language is not English) by providing resources for lead hazard reduction in homes, free blood lead testing, and lead hazard community education and outreach.

The LHRP was developed in coordination with state and local public health agencies to comply with the federal Lead and Copper Rule. The Portland Water Bureau anticipates this is the last funding cycle for this program, see more information on the application.

Who can apply?

Community organizations and governmental agencies that conduct lead hazard reduction education and outreach services in the Portland area.

Apply for a Lead Hazard Reduction Grant

If your organization has identified a need for lead hazard reduction in your community and has ideas for addressing that need, please consider submitting an application.

The application is available online.

Applications are due to the Lead Hazard Reduction Program by Thursday, March 31, 2022.

Questions? Contact the Lead Hazard Reduction Program.