Shower your water-smart sweetheart with love and efficient showers

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White heart on blue background with text that reads I heart Portland tap water in multiple languages.

It’s Valentine’s Day! Love that special someone? Love water? Love saving money? Embrace the love power with an efficient shower! Impress your sweetheart with a WaterSense-labeled showerhead that can save 40% or more water! Energize that romance while at the same time reducing the energy used to heat your shower water.

And while we don’t have an opinion on free love, we do have free WaterSense-labeled showerheads for our Portland customers. So, make a commitment: a commitment to efficient water use. Order your new WaterSense showerhead today!

WaterSense showerheads are free for all Portland Water Bureau customers.

Request one today by phone, 503-823-4527, by email,  or on our Water Efficiency website.

*Please allow two to four weeks from the time you place your order.