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Free water leak repair for income-qualified homeowners

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A plumber in a striped shirt fixing a sink.
We know that leaks can be stressful. Our free water leak repair program is designed to provide support for costly repairs to income-qualified homeowners. We work with community partners and local plumbers to offer free water leak repair services.

Leaks are stressful! For homeowners that qualify based on income, we may be able to pay for the repair of your water leaks. Big leaks can mean big bills and this program is designed to help homeowners stay in their homes by offering support for costly repairs.  

Each year we can help about 150 homeowners by fixing leaking toilets, washing machines, faucets, or underground water pipes. The Water Bureau works with community partners such as the African American Alliance for Homeownership, Community Energy Project and Multnomah County and with local plumbers to offer free water leak repair services.  

One Customer’s Story 

One NE Portland customer had a break in their home service line that was leaking more than 300 gallons per day. After a new service line, water use is back down to a very efficient 24 gallons per day. 

“I still had huge water bills because of the leak and struggled to pay my bill, even with the assistance from the Water Bureau programs. Now I don't have to feel constant worry and guilt about using water and I'm able to pay my bill with a lot less stress. My husband passed away after battling cancer, so an expensive water leak was the last thing I needed last year. Thanks so much for the great help that was given. It is very much appreciated!”  

To qualify 

  • Your property must have a single-family home with an active City of Portland drinking water account. 

  • You must own your home. 

  • You must live at the property and be directly responsible for paying the sewer, stormwater, and water bill. 

  • You must be enrolled in the Portland Water Bureau/Bureau of Environmental Services Financial Assistance program. 

What we can fix: 

  • Toilets 

  • Faucets (kitchen, bathroom, bath) 

  • Outdoor spigot 

  • In-wall pipe leak 

  • Underground pipe leak 

  • Inefficient clothes washer 

Leaks we cannot help with: 

  • Drain leaks 

  • Sewer-related leak 

  • Leaking roofs  

  • Water heaters (some water heaters may be eligible for repair) 

Apply here 

Our partners 

We couldn’t do this work alone!  We’ve worked with Multnomah County on this program since 1998.  This year (2021), we’re thrilled announce that we’re expanding the program, adding the African American Alliance for Homeownership and Community Energy Project as partners. Customers apply for leak repair through the Water Bureau and once approved, they are referred to one of the three partners who coordinate the repair.  


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