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​Want to save water and money in multifamily buildings? Fix the toilets!

Blog Post
Toilet leaks can be expensive, but we can help you find and fix the leaks to save you money on your water/sewer bill.

Toilet leaks can get expensive fast! 

Toilets are the most common place to find water leaks. A toilet leak can consume as much as 5,000 gallons per day! Based on more than two-decades of providing water assessments for multifamily water customers, large multifamily property will often have 25% of their toilets leaking.  One local multifamily property we recently worked with reduced water use by 12,500 gallons per day by repairing malfunctioning toilets. These simple repairs saved them about $9,000 per month in sewer and water utility charges! Toilet leaks are frustrating because it’s hard to catch them in action. 

Common toilet problems 

  • Tank water level is too high: It should be about ½ inch below the overfill pipe.  

  • Flapper leaks: Flappers are typically guaranteed for only five years and should be replaced on a regular schedule. Check for toilet leaks every 6 to 12 months.  

Let us help! Free water-saving resources for multi-family properties 

  • Water use analysis: If water use seems high, our water efficiency staff can temporarily monitor water use 24 hours a day which can help identify water leaks or inefficiencies. 

  • Doorhangers: Remind tenants to check for and report any water leaks to property management 

  • Dye tablets: Order free dye tablets to check for toilet leaks and we’ll mail them out to you! 

  • Get a $50 toilet rebate for up to 50 replacements: If you have older toilets, consider replacing them with WaterSense labeled toilets that use 1.28 gallons per flush or less. Multifamily properties can apply for a $50 rebate per toilet, up to 50 toilets per account. 

Our Water Efficiency Program is here to help: 503-823-4527 or