Holiday Gift Guide 2021

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Two emergency water storage containers and a sign that states"Emergency water storage is the perfect holiday gift."
Are you in need of holiday gift ideas this season? No need to worry, the Water Bureau has your back. Browse our Holiday Gift Guide and find ideas like locally-made tea kettles, reusable water bottles, Emergency Preparedness kits, and more!

We deliver excellent water every minute of every day. And while we think tap water on itself is delicious, if you want to spruce up, that’s your business. You could turn water into festive ice cubes, or get a seltzer maker. We like our water out of a tap, but these upcycled seltzer water cans, turned into ornaments, are a nice touch.  

reusable water bottle with a sticker on it that says, “All I want this holiday is for you to bring a reusable water bottle.”

Help the environment, cut down on waste, and fuel your day with any number of these wonderful reusable water bottles. Bottled water companies are shipping you single-use plastic containers. No need for that here, Portlanders benefit from a resilient water system with two excellent, well-protected water sources. 

Some people are reluctant to buy anything for themselves, particularly if it’s a little spendy. But for their four-legged friend? Anything goes. Consider upgrading the hydration routine for your favorite dog or cat, with an upgraded water bowl. 

How do you start your morning? By pouring piping hot Portland tap water over coffee grounds? Or making tea? Whatever your routine is these gifts could help cut down on waste as you get your caffeine fix.  

Looking to sustainably dial down your morning caffeine routine? Portland is home to countless quality coffee roasters, but let’s shine some love on our wonderful tea makers. This brew pot from Aesthete Tea in Southwest is sleek.  

A pair of MC boots with bells on them in a warehouse

Suiting up with waterproof socks is always a good idea for Portland’s soggy winters. We have a team working behind the scenes to properly outfit our Maintenance & Construction team, so they’re ready for any job. Our workload ranges from repairing an average of 200 water main break breaks a year to laying a record 30,000 feet of new water main.  

Water to keep your Christmas tree alive, but water-themed ornaments let it thrive! Rain drop, water me are ornaments that can act a reminder to take care of our indoor plants. If you need reminders for watering your outdoor plants in the drier months, sign up for the H20 Regional Consortium weekly watering number.” 

Want to get romantic this holiday? Could Emergency Preparedness be your love language? Acts of preparedness really speak to us. Start your journey by building an Emergency Preparedness kit and start with water. How much? Pack fourteen gallons of water for every person in your home.  

Two emergency water storage containers and a sign that states"Emergency water storage is the perfect holiday gift."