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Trail Blazers season outlook, according to the Portland Water Bureau.

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Picture of Trail blazer anfernee simmons against a starry backdrop with words "whatever water gets on is wet" emblazoned on image
It’s October, which means Portlanders are gearing up for their new routine. Rainy days capped off with a Blazers game in the evening, a Portland tradition.
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Stars, they’re just like us! The Blazers prepare for games just like countless Portlanders get ready for their days, by drinking coffee. Using an electric kettle, the Blazers boil Portland tap water and then pour it over locally roasted beans.  

Deep thoughts from a rookie. In 2018, wise-beyond-his-years Blazers guard Anfernee Simons had us nodding our heads when he said water is not wet, but “whatever water gets on is wet.” 

Robert Covington lives by a motto, us too. Blazers do-everything defender Robert Covington motivates himself with the phrase “allergic to failure.” We deliver excellent water every minute of every day. It’s important to set high standards for yourself.  

Constantly moving, lots of miles logged. Blazers guard C.J. McCollum is a sharpshooter who controls the basketball on a string. Part of his effectiveness is that’s he’s always moving, trying to get away from defenders. Advanced tracking data shows he’s routinely at the top of the league for miles logged. While running 200+ miles during a season is a lot, it’s nothing compared to the 2,200 miles of pipes we maintain to deliver nearly 1,000,000 Oregonians excellent drinking water every minute of every day.   

A water bureau employee  stands with a shovel over a pipe replacement project on the ground

Always looking to lend a helping hand. While he garners so much attention for his late-game heroics, superstar Damian Lillard has a good chance this season of moving into second place on the Blazers all-time assist list. We also like to help. With our City partners, the Bureau of Environmental Services, we’ve expanded our Financial Assistance program to help Portlanders facing hardship.  

Efficient where it counts! Fresh off a new contract, Norman Powell is one of the best three-point shooters in the league from the baseline. Commonly referred to as the “corner three,” which advanced statistics have deemed one of the most valuable shots on the court. Whether he’s on the fast break or hitting a big three, Norm is efficient! Just like our Water Efficiency team, who work to reduce water loss throughout our system and can help you save money on your sewer/stormwater/water bill.  

A black bear walking through green underbrush in a forest

Protecting the (dancing) bear at all costs. Affectionately nicknamed the “Dancing Bear” by Blazers play-by-play announcer Kevin Calabro, center Jusuf Nurkic uses his defensive instincts and size to protect the rim. We protect the Bull Run Watershed, home to Portland’s primary water supply. We work to improve the natural habitat the bears in the Watershed. Unfortunately, our security cameras haven’t caught any of them dancing yet. Image removed. 

All about K9 hydration. Blazer back-up big man Cody Zeller loves to show off Max, who’s a very, very good boy. Dogs on the water are cool, but dogs drinking tap water is even better.  

What a rush! That’ll end up in the highlights. When youngster Greg Brown III flies through the air people take notice. Another burst of excitement comes from the work of our Unidirectional Flushing team. They’ve increased their workload to clean pipes throughout the City, improving water quality for all Portlanders.    

Beating the odds during a long journey. Any NBA player has to overcome incredible odds to reach the professional ranks, but Blazers guard Keljin Blevins’ path has been exceptionally tough. He went to two high schools, two colleges, and spent time in a developmental professional league before the Blazers called him up. We’re all about assisting those on a long trek. Last year we were recognized for our salmon habitat restoration work. We protect the habitat of three species of salmon as they move from the Pacific Ocean to the Bull Run River every year.    

Large white tank several stories tall with deep purple and orange sunset sky behind it
The tank at the Columbia South Shore Well Field groundwater facility

Boosting small business. Shout out to new Blazer Larry Nance Jr. who last year, with the Cleveland Cavaliers, used his platform to promote local small businesses in Northeast Ohio hit hard by COVID-19. Last year with our partners Prosper Portland and the Bureau of Environmental Services we launched the Small Business Program for Utility Relief, SPUR, which helped small businesses. We focused on helping businesses owned by Black, Indigenous, and all Peoples of Color, as well as women.  

Ready to come through, 100% of the time. After spending the past two seasons with the Pistons and Hawks, guard Tony Snell is on quite a hot streak. He hasn’t missed a free throw since March 2019. Snell doesn’t get to the free throw line often, only 43 times the past two seasons, but he always comes through. What else gets used sparing but always delivers excellence? Our Groundwater Pump Station, which is connected to the Columbia South Shore Well Field and can reliably deliver 80 million gallons of delicious drinking water every day.