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Drinking Water Quality Report headed your way

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A preview of the Portland Water Bureau's 2020 Drinking Water Quality Report  will land in your mailbox this week. Portlanders already know a lot about our drinking water. We make it easy for you to learn more – what’s in your water, what’s not, and how people at the Portland Water Bureau work everyday to keep your water safe and protected.

If you only learn one thing from this report, it’s that Portland Water Bureau continues to deliver clean and safe drinking water that meets or surpasses drinking water standards to nearly a million customers. But did you also know that the Portland Water Bureau performs approximately 12,000 tests per year to track more than 200 contaminants?

“This pandemic underscores the critical role that access to safe drinking water plays in public health. Dedicated people are working hard to monitor, treat and protect the water our community relies on. We do the work so you never have to worry about a future without this precious resource,” said Water Bureau Director Michael Stuhr.

This year’s report includes:

  • Information about how we monitor, treat, and deliver your drinking water.
  • Drinking water quality results from 2019 and provides information about your drinking water system.
  • Updates on drinking water treatment projects. These improvements will provide increased public health protection against lead in household plumbing and Cryptosporidium, an organism that can potentially cause illness.
  • Learn about how the Water Bureau is keeping up with new technology and regulations. 
The cover of the Portland Water Bureau's 2020 Drinking Water Quality Report showing the Bull Run Watershed and

The Portland Water Bureau is sending a mailer this week to inform every customer about the availability of the report online. Customers can request a paper copy online or by phone at 503-823-9444. The report is also available in Russian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Spanish, and screen reader-accessible large print.

Find the online version of the 2020 Drinking Water Quality Report here: