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Willamette River Crossing construction updates

Capital Improvement Project
Engineering And Design
The Willamette River Crossing project is currently in the design and exploration phase. We completed a geotechnical probe in August 2020, and are performing more geotechnical exploration to choose the best tunneling technology and route to cross the Willamette River.
2016 through 2023
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In August, we finished work with our geotechnical probe, or geoprobe. The team is now using results from that probe to plan the next phase of the project. The geoprobe showed that we need more information to choose the best tunneling technology and route across the Willamette River. We will likely have to change the planned depth or drilling technologies to move the project forward.  

  • Changing depth: If we go deeper, we can get below a layer of loose gravels that was a challenge during the geoprobe. To go deeper, we must collect more information about the soil there.  

  • Changing technology: Another option is to use a different drilling technology that can move through the cobbles without going deeper. So while we are sampling deeper soils, we are also measuring information that will show us whether the new technology would work.   

Our contractor will use all of this information to design and construct the pipeline. To collect the new information, our design/build contractor drilled and sampled in the Willamette River and nearby on the east and west sides of the river during January to March of 2021. The team is currently analyzing that information to determine next steps. 

If you know people who live in, work in, or travel through the area, please inform them about this project:

Westside activities

Upcoming work

Soil sampling

Crews collected soil samples to gather more information about soil deep underground using a sonic drill rig. 

Soil Sampling near RiverPlace

A map showing where crews will collect soil samples in three locations near RiverPlace. They will first collect samples from the grassy area between the esplanade and the river. Next they will work in the grassy area between S Harbor Way and S Harbor Drive. Finally, they will collect a sample near the traffic circle on S Montgomery

Crews collected soil samples in three locations near RiverPlace: from the grassy area between the esplanade and the river, in the grassy area between S Harbor Way and S Harbor Drive, and near the traffic circle on S Montgomery. 

In January and February, the Water Bureau also performed maintenance work near RiverPlace as part of a different project. Learn more about the South Harbor Way Water Main Replacement project here.

Work at 1720 SW Naito Parkway 

You may see workers in and near the parking lot at 1720 SW Naito Parkway. We’re temporarily sharing this site with the Bureau of Transportation while they work on the SW Naito Parkway Improvement Project, I-405 to Jefferson. In addition to street work, our crews recently completed installing the future connection between the existing water system and new pipe. 

An illustrated map showing the construction location at 1720 SW Naito Parkway between S Harrison and SW Market

Parking lot and stairway closure

Map showing the ADA accessible path to the south of the construction site at 1720 SW Naito Parkway to be used while the staircase at S Montgomery Street is closed..

The parking lot and stairway at Southwest Naito Parkway between Southwest Harrison Street and Southwest Market Street are closed to the public for the duration of the project. Use the ADA-accessible ramp on the south end of the parking lot as a detour.

Eastside activities

Soil Sampling

Crews collected soil samples to gather more information about soil deep underground using a sonic drill rig. 

OMSI parking lot and SE Stephens Street 

Crews collected samples in the parking lot near OMSI, near SE Water Avenue, and at four points along SE Stephens Street. 

This map shows boring locations in the North Parking Lot at OMSI, in the Right of way near Water Avenue, on SE Stephens just east of 3rd Avenue, in the right of way on Stephens just east of SE Grand, and on SE Stephens east of 6th and 7th Avenues.

Eastside Connection Update

Map showing worksites along SE Stephens and SE Harrison between 7th and 11th Avenues, and on SE 7th Avenue between Stephens and Harrison Streets.

Starting in the winter of 2021/2022, we’ll work along Southeast 7th Avenue and along Southeast Harrison Street between Southeast 7th and 11th Avenues to connect the new underground pipe to the existing water system. As this will affect traffic, parking, and driveway access in the area, we’re working with local businesses and residents now to plan for their access needs.

​Willamette River Activities

This map shows the area in which we will sample in the river, running parallel to and south of the Hawthorne Bridge.

In January and February, we sampled the soil under the Willamette River near the Marquam Bridge. 



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