Washington Park Reservoir Improvement Project - June 2021 Update

News Article
In this artist's rendering, park-goers stroll along the reflecting pool at Washington Park Reservoir.
  • We plan to start serving water from the reservoir in July. 

  • Each section of pipe that brings water in to, out of, and through the reservoir is treated with highly-chlorinated water. Next, the pipes are tested, flushed and sealed until put into use. 

  • Now that the pipes have been connected and sanitized, we have begun the final disinfection process by filling the reservoir with highly-chlorinated water. When we are done with disinfection, we treat the water with Vitamin C to neutralize the chlorine before slowly releasing it into the stormwater system.

  • For the final test, we will re-fill the reservoir with drinking water and test it for bacteria. Once it passes, we will be ready to begin serving water!

Project Update June 2021