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Mount Tabor Reservoirs Construction Projects

We're repairing and rebuilding features of the historic Mount Tabor reservoirs. This work began in November 2017 and continues today.

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In 2009, the Mount Tabor Historic Structures Report identified ways the City of Portland could preserve features of the historic reservoirs. The Water Bureau disconnected these  reservoirs from the water system in 2015. City Council also passed Resolution #37146 in 2015, dedicating $4 million to preservation and calling on the Water Bureau and the Mount Tabor Neighborhood Association to work together on priorities. The planning and oversight team now includes the Water Bureau, Portland Parks and Recreation, the Mount Tabor Neighborhood Association, and the Friends of Mount Tabor Park. 

In spring 2016, this team hired Rob Dortignacq, the architect who worked on the 2009 report, to write an update. Dortignacq updated the report with information about current conditions and construction costs. The 2016 Addendum Dortignacq produced allowed the team to set realistic priorities for the $4 million City Council had committed. 

The team now works with Akana, a Native American-owned, Northwest-based, professional services firm that helps clients plan, design, engineer, and manage projects in the built environment. Akana helps the team bundle, contract for, and manage the many tasks involved in the preservation projects. 

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Project updates

We started repairing and rebuilding these historic features in November 2017. See below for details about what we've done so far and what's next.

Up next

A contract was awarded to Berkley Tack in July 2020 to restore the fence and tapered towers with light fixtures around Reservoir 5 and Reservoir 6. 

We're also reviewing a work package to repair the windows, doors, and balconies on the gatehouse and weir building structures at all reservoirs.

Previous preservation work


Reservoir 1: To protect the structural integrity of the reservoir, the contractor cleaned the existing reservoir surface, replaced failed concrete, and filled voids using concrete grout. The reservoir was filled with water again in December 2019.

Reservoir 5: Concrete repairs were made to the reservoir parapet wall and the hypochlorite building. The reservoir was drained, cleaned, and filled in spring 2019. The Water Bureau and the Mount Tabor Neighborhood Association met on site to look at Reservoir 5 and evaluate its water level and appearance during the warm summer months. These observations will inform the future Mount Tabor Reservoir Management Plan.

Reservoir 6:Concrete repairs were made to the reservoir parapet wall.


Reservoir 1: Extensive concrete restoration work was done on the basin and walls. The weir building was re-roofed.

Reservoir 5: Concrete work on Gatehouse 5 was completed.

Reservoir 6: The reservoir was drained, cleaned, and filled again in late spring 2018. While it was empty, extensive concrete repair work was conducted on the basin and walls. The reservoir was drained and cleaned again in fall 2018 to repair leaks identified during a routine inspection.