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Southwest Macadam Avenue water main replacement

Engineering And Design
The Water Bureau is investing in reliable water supply in South Portland. We will replace 980 feet of water main (pipe) and two hydrants on Southwest Macadam Avenue between Southwest Bancroft Street and Southwest Lane Street. This work will temporarily block exit 299A on northbound I-5.
Workers connect a fire hydrant to the water system.
Spring 2023 to winter 2024
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A map showing construction along SW Macadam Ave - blocking northbound exit 299A on I-5.

Project overview

The Water Bureau is replacing 980 feet of water main (pipe) on Southwest Macadam Avenue from Southwest Lane Street to Southwest Bancroft Street. We will also install two new hydrants, one near the intersection with Southwest Thomas Street, and one near the intersection with Southwest Lowell Street.

Construction will temporarily close I-5 northbound exit 299A while we make a connection between the new pipe and the water system.


The existing water main was installed in 1893 and has had three reported leaks. The new pipe will reduce breaks and leaks, and will be more resistant to earthquakes. If you live in the area, this new pipe will make your water service more reliable.

What to expect

To replace a water main, we cut the road surface, dig a trench, replace the old pipe, connect the new pipe to people's water meters, fill the trench, and restore the road surface.

  • Due to the project's proximity to the I-5 freeway and the 299A off-ramp, some night work will be necessary. During night work, the off-ramp will be closed. We will notify you before the 299A off-ramp closes.

  • Street parking may be limited. We may set up "No parking" signs.

  • Your street may be closed to all but local traffic during construction hours. Crews will try to keep driveways accessible, but you may have to park on a side street sometimes during construction hours.

  • Your water service may be disrupted for several hours. If we need to shut off your water, we will hang a notice on your front door at least 24 hours before the shutoff.

  • Mail, garbage, and delivery services will have access.

  • You may experience noise, dust, and traffic delays.

Work hours

We may work at night in order to limit impacts on traffic in the area. We will update this page and notify neighbors when we have more information about our schedule.

What's happening now

We are completing the project design. Construction is expected to begin in spring 2023.